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Attend a 90-minute interactive program  that will provide a foundation of gaining experience.

  • Engage in a job shadow or info interview
  • Develop a strong resume
  • Write a cover letter that leads to interviews
  • Create a quality LinkedIn profile
  • Seek out the right experiences
  • Prepare for the interview

To complete the Gold Level, partcipate in 3 options from one category and 2 from each additional. 


  • Understand the top 3 skills gained from major
  • Learn a subject outside major
  • Through Lynda (or similar), take a course in design, analytis, technolgy, or another hands-on skill.
    -- for continuing education--
  • Visit a college or program 
  • Complete a graduate education exam 
    (GRE, MCAT, LSAT, etc.)
  • Work closely with two faculty who can and will provide a reference


  • Lead a student organization or community group
  • Particpate in a professional organization (national or regional)
  • Study abroad or engage in at least 3 multicultural events
  • Compete at the collegiate level (NCAA athlete, academic competition such as debate, etc.)
  • Attend 3 speaker/conference events with a growth mindset 


  • Take a career related part-time job
  • Engage in an internship or co-op
  • Complete a field experience or student teaching
  • Observe during a pre-professional experience 
    (minimum of 50 hours)
  • Receive specialized training related to your career 
  • Present at a conference 
  • Gain(ed) military experience
  • Aquire professional experience in a different field 

Upon the completion of these experiences, provide reflection and assessment of your current professional preparedness. You can either: 

  • Complete an online survey 
  • Write a reflection (typically, about 1 page)
  • Make a 2 minute video regarding your experiences

You will then schedule an appointment with Career Services (319-273-6857) to apply for a certification of UNI Career Readiness. 


EDGE is a two level, self-driven program that will focus on academic, personal, and professional connections. The first level (Purple) introduces candidates to the basics on career/major selection and preparing materials to secure experience. The second level (Gold) drives the candidate to engage in career readiness. EDGE is the roadmap that connects your dreams and goals with a real plan to get where you want to go! 

Built upon research and employer data, EDGE is tied to the NACE Career Readiness Standards.

  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Leadership/Management
  • Communication
  • Problem-Solving

EDGE provides a pathway to gain targeted skills through each catagory: Academic, Personal, and Professional experiences. 


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