Careers & Majors

Employability Self-Assessment
Developed by UNI, this tool analyzes how prepared a student is to locate/secure employment.
Use as a guide - not as as a guarantee.
Gain the Skills to be "career ready" for any job: 

Provides a student with leadership, teamwork, and network building.

Clubs and Organizations
Explore majors and careers, gain leadership.
Internships or Part-time jobs
Deadlines, customers, and technology are all critical to preparing a student for a career.

Technology Training

As the backbone for many jobs, integrating technology will be critical in all fields.
One of the most common questions in Career Services is "Where do I start in finding an internship or job?" Let us help you by breaking the process down to three steps:

Step 1: What do you want to do & where?
Determine the type of job you are seeking. Once you have that, determine where. Once you have found where, connect with the local community (chamber or young professionals).

Step 2: Prepare application materials

Step 3: Find Jobs & People
Networking is key to locating jobs. Talk to family, friends, faculty and use networks like LinkedIn.