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About UNI Career Services

The arrangement of Career Services is based upon Career Academies/Industries rather than college/major. In each of the five career academies (Business, Education & Teaching, Healthcare, STEM, and Government, Arts & Non-Profit) the advisors maintain a solid database of connections with employers and graduate schools to best prepare students entering specific industries.

Career Services is focused on connecting students to opportunity so they are active and engaged, leading to career readiness. This is done through a robust cooperative education program, engaging students with leadership opportunities, student employment, and other opportunities for students to be active in preparing for the world of work.

Career Services has 11 staff including seven advisors/coaches. The team has six full-time staff and five part-time staff (ranging from .65-.87 FTE). In addition to the professional staff, UNI Career Services employees 8-12 student employees and provides internship/practicum experiences for 1-2 students per semester.

Employer Relations
To provide opportunities for students, the staff maintains a robust database of employers who frequently are on campus for presentation, training, and recruitment. The staff stays current in hiring trends through frequent site visions (approximately 100-200 per year) and hosting forums/training for employers, economic development groups, and chambers. At UNI, the largest recruitment opportunities include:

  • Fall/Spring Career Fairs: 1000-1500 students, 130-200 employers
  • UNI Teacher Fair: 50-75 schools, 250-350 students/teachers
  • UNI Overseas Teaching Fair: 130 schools, 600 candidates

The Career Academies


Career Services Team

Robert FrederickRobert Frederick
Office of Career Services
Sarah GoblirschSarah Goblirsch
Employer Relations
(Assistant Director)
Tracey Godon
Education Career Services
(Sr. Assistant Director)

Julie Grosse
Co-op Assistant
(Secretary III)
Dale HartzDale Hartz
Information Technology
(Technology Services Coordinator)
Katie LedtjeKatie Ledtje
Student Employment
(Clerk IV)
Anna McGeeAnna McGee
Healthcare & Sciences
(Career Services Coordinator)
Matt Nuese
Matt Nuese
Graduate Data | Business
(Operations Director

Libby VanderwallLibby Vanderwall
Non-Profit and Entertainment
(Career Services Coordinator)

Isabela Varela
Student Engagement Coordinator
(Assistant Director)
Laura WilsonLaura Wilson
Internship Director | Business
(Assistant Director)

The Student Team 

Computer Science
Manchester, IA

Supply Chain Mgmt. 
Bancroft, IA

West Des Moines, IA

Graphic Technology
Rock Island, IL

Rock Falls, IL

Political Science

Des Moines, IA

Elementary Education
Adel, IA

Elementary Education
Waukee, IA

Public Relations
Burlington, IL

Public Relations
Slater, IA

Familly Services
Granville, IA

Computer Science
Bangalore, India


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