Career Services

Careers & Majors (interest)

CareerMatch Quiz
Located within the Job Board, this assessment reviews your interests and matches to careers.

This comprehensive assessment and planning tool reviews skills and interests.

Employability Self-Assessment
Developed by UNI, this tool analyzes how prepared a student is to locate/secure employment.
Use as a guide - not as as a guarantee.
Gain the Skills to be "career ready" for any job: 

Provides a student with leadership, teamwork, and network building.

Clubs and Organizations
Explore majors and careers, gain leadership.

Internships or Part-time jobs
Deadlines, customers, and technology are all critical to preparing a student for a career.

Technology Training
As the backbone for many jobs, integrating technology will be critical in all fields.
One of the most common questions in Career Services is "Where do I start in finding an internship or job?" Let us help you by breaking the process down to three steps:

Step 1: What do you want to do & where?
Determine the type of job you are seeking. Once you have that, determine where. Once you have found where, connect with the local community (chamber or young professionals).

Step 2: Prepare application materials

Step 3: Find Jobs & People
Networking is key to locating jobs. Talk to family, friends, faculty and use networks like LinkedIn. Now, start looking at jobs/job boards.
Business Jobs for Non-Business Majors
The largest employer segment, this career option   is available to ALL majors. 

Careers in Healthcare
Health and wellness are some of the fastest growing career fields in the US. 

Careers in Sports
Explore sports careers for non-athletes. 

Work in Government
Explore exciting careers helping others. 

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