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Down Econ

Searching in a Down Economy (PDF) 
The search rules changed overnight. The new rule: Your goal is not the find the perfect job, it is to find a job that is good enough.  

Update Your Resume Immediately 
Start by building a professional resume. Then, get it reviewed by a Career Services Team member. 

SCAM Alert!
Use our resource to identify common tactics used by scammers in hiring. 

Iowa Workforce Development 
IWD is a state agency committed to providing employment services for individual job seekers through our IowaWORKS partnership.

Consider Graduate School
Most economic downturns last 6-18 months. If you are a senior with low debt totals, you may consider graduate school to graduate into a better economy. 
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To stay up-to-date on the latest market trends, the Career Advisors at UNI use some of the following sites:
Please Note: UNI Career Services (University of Northern Iowa) does not endorse any job search site or specific employer. All applicants should use caution in applying or sharing personal information.