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Major: Biology


Approx. Salary: $34-$187K*
After Bachelors: 36% Work | 59% Cont. Ed | 5% Other
Approx. # in Major at UNI: 473
Career paths: Business, Education, Non-profit, Medicine, Health Sciences, Science
* Data from CareerOneStop
1) What do they do? 
The Bachelor in Biology provides a broad training in biology and allows specializations through choice of electives. It offers basic preparation for entry-level positions, graduate work, or an advanced degree in all health-related areas. In addition, it prepares students for the graduate study in biomedical sciences, for example, pharmacology, toxicology, pathology, physiology, cellular biology, and other related areas.
2) What are the degree requirements?
3) Where do UNI Biology graduates work?
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