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Major: Gerontology


Approximately Salary: $43- $117K*
After Bachelors: 100% Work | 0% Cont. Ed | 0% Other 
Approx # in Major at UNI: 26
Career paths: Non-Profit, Government, Academia, and Entrepreneurship
* Data from CareerOneStop
1) What do they do?
Gerontology is the study of the physical, mental, and social changes in adults from middle age through later life. It studies how the changes in society are impacted or impact the aging population.  In addition, gerontology investigates and uses the knowledge to implement policies and programs that improve the quality of life and promote the well-being of persons as they age within their families, communities, and societies (AGHE).
2) What are the degree requirements?
3) Where do UNI Gerontology graduates work?
Check alumni on LinkedIn (membership needed)