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Major: Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Average Salary:  $52k*       

After Bachelors: 85% Work | 15% Cont. Ed            
Approx # in Major at UNI: 75+
Major = Career & Technical Training
Related Majors: Construction Management, Electrical Engineering Technology, Technology Management

* Data from CareerOneStop

Major Profile
1) What does one graduating with this major do? Prepares students for careers in the application of modern technology to the design and manufacturing of products, consumer goods and services. Students can choose from technical concentrations in automation and production, computer-aided drafting and design, and metal casting. The automation and production concentration gives special emphasis to the content areas of manufacturing processes, production management and computer-aided manufacturing. Department Page

2) Sample of Jobs/Organizations where graduates work. 
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3) What are the professional organizations?
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4) What courses are taken to earn a degree?

5) Additional information - Possible occupations and work settings