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Major: Music


Approximately Salary: $9.35-46.94 Hourly; $28,40- $76,6K*
After Bachelors: 72% Work | 28% Cont. Ed;| 0% Other
Approx # in Major at UNI: 247
Career paths: Performance, Conducting, Composing/Arranging, Education, Music Libraries, Communications, Electronic Production and Design, Music Industry
* Data from CareerOneStop
Music Profile
1) Most of music majors focus on performance and teaching. A major in music helps students develop competencies in business, computers, marketing, and a range of other possibilities. Music provides students with an understanding of human expression that is valuable to many employers. Music majors perform, conduct, compose, teach, provide library services, communicate (broadcast), record, direct, manage, and much more.  
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