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The Right Skills

So much focus on future planning is about selecting the right major. This way of thinking is very outdated. The modern workforce is built upon acquiring the right skills and experiences. Research has found 8 areas of skills to focus upon to truly be Career Ready, no matter what you study.

Career and Self DevelopmentCareer & Self Development
At UNI, we often refer to this as 3-2-2 or Academic-Personal-Professional focus. This is growth mindset by gaining experiences academically, in personal leadership, and professional exposure. 


The clear and effective exchange of ideas and perspective.

critical thinkingCritical Thinking
Understanding of situational context and logical analysis of relevant information. This is navigating complex situations, knowing who to ask for advice, and taking the appropriate action. 

Equity & InclusionEquity & Inclusion
Experience in engaging in anti-racist practices, knowledge of how to challenge systems, structures, and policies, and a demonstrated ability to connect with people from different local and global cultures. 


Self-awareness of personal and team strengths to achieve organizational goals. 

This is more than dressing correct. This is understanding work habits and ability to act in the interest of the organization, both internally and within the larger community. 



Build and maintain collaborative relationships. 



Enhance efficiencies by leveraging technology within the field. 


Adapted from the National Association of Colleges and Employers Competencies for a Career-Ready Workforce. Information can be found at




The Science of You.

You have a lot to offer. The challenge is connecting your skills with jobs or employers. At UNI, we offer access to YouScience. YouScience is an advanced research tool based on the science of YOU - how your mind is wired, what makes you tick, the skills and knowledge that set you apart. You have talent and there's a path that's right for you - YouScience can help you find it. 

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You Majored in What? 

Many students think a major equals career - that is not true for most career paths. Instead, think about the skills each major can provide. At UNI, we have over 90 majors that offer unique skills and insights. 

Staff Picks 
There are many excellent resources to help you research careers. Below is a sampling of resources the Career Services team uses.