Career Services


Student Employee Leadership Academy

Nomination Form: Due by April 25


Emerging leaders will embark on a specialized program that will enhance their skills while focusing on future career endeavors. This unique 8-month program will cover a variety of topics that will take participants to another level of professional readiness. Hosted by UNI Career Services, a unique blend of speakers, representing leaders in business, healthcare, education, government, and non-profits will train students the skills needed to be successful from day one after UNI. 

Current UNI student employees who are sophomores or higher are encouraged to seek a nomination from their supervisor. The program is limited to 25 students. The program is underwritten by the Target Corporation Community Impact Grant and there is no cost to the participants.

Through this individualized leadership training program, the student will be positioned to receive training from experts and provide service to the community. In addition to learning really interesting things about themselves, their community, and their career, participants will be paid by their employer for attending the 2-3 hours of training monthly. The speakers and trainers will invest in you. 


Meaning & Purpose | September 
Discover your strengths, reflect on your goals, and make a plan to achieve your vision. 

Cultural Fluency | October 
Meet with thought leaders from Iowa, take a cultural tour of Waterloo/Cedar Falls, develop an understanding of those around you and how you can better relate. 

Civic Mindfulness | November
Meet with political leaders of Iowa who can share with you how to win influence, make change, and be a voice in your community. 

Professionalism | December 
A powerful team of UNI alumni will return to campus to coach and mentor you in taking yourself to the next level professionally. 

Leadership | January 
Stretch your concept of what leaders are by meeting with entrepreneurs and young professionals, all struggling to make a difference in their own life and the community they live.  

Solving the Big Challenges | February 
What would you do?  It is easy to complain, it is hard to solve. This session will place  you in the leadership chair to discuss the hard problems of the workplace.

Servant Leadership | March 
Go and do. Enough training and learning, it is time to put your experience into action as you solve a challenge at UNI, the community, or state.  



    • What are the costs associated with the program?
      There will be $0 cost for the student participant. The Target grant will cover the $200 participation fee. In addition, departments will continue to pay their emerging student employee leaders (at their regular hourly rate) during their training time. 

    • Can a senior participate? 
      Yes, if the student is available for the entire academic year (meaning they graduate in May or August of 2019)

    • Who will be selected?
      We have funding for 25 students, but must have at least 15 participants. If more than 25 students are nominated, the Student Employment Team will evaluate who was nominated and determine who will be best served by participating. 

    • What if a student has to miss one of the sessions?
      There will be a make-up project for the student. 

    • Can multiple students from a department be nominated?
      Yes. However, the goal of the program is to have a diverse group of participants, so some students may not be selected.

    • If I nominated my student for the Student Employee of the Year, can I nominate them for this program? 

    • I am the student employee and want to participate, can I nominate myself?  
      Yes, in a way. The official nomination needs to come from your supervisor. Please speak with your supervisor and share with them you would like to participate and ask them to complete the form below. 

Please complete the nomination form by April 25. All participants will be notified by April 30.