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A resume is sales document

The main focus of a resume is to highlight your academic, professional, and personal achievements. When you write a resume, you write it for the reader. It is not a historical document of what you have experienced. Resumes often follow a formula, but the only rule of resume writing is that the Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (GPS) must be perfect. Beyond this, here are common guidelines:

  • Avoid  Word, Google Docs, Canva and Pages templates 
  • Do not use columns or tables
  • 10-12 point font
  • Consistent use of bold/italics
  • 1 Page - business applications
    2 Page - schools, non-profits, government, and grad school applications 
  • Focus on skills, not tasks 

The UNI Career Services recommended format is:

Organization Name, City, ST
Position Title                                                                                                           Dates
- Action verb with skills-based description
- Most experiences will have 2-6 bullets
- Focus on how this experience prepared you for what you are applying to

Samples & More (download download  |   Preview preview)

  • download   Preview   Standard / General Sample ​
  • download   Preview   Business  
  • download   Preview   Experienced Candidate (often 2 pages)
  • download   Preview    Federal Government   
  • download   Preview    Healthcare   
  • download   Preview    IT 
  • download   Preview    Non-Profit/Social Work
  • download   Preview    Student Athlete 
  • download   Preview    Student Teaching Resume 
  • download   Preview    Teaching Resume


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A cover letter is your chance to tell YOUR story! It is a written interview. Take advantage of the fact you can write yourself to a job. When writing a cover letter, focus on your experiences and relate those experiences into the position you want! 


How to Start a Personal Statement [Handout]