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A resume is sales document

The main focus of a resume is to highlight your academic, professional, and personal achievements. When you write a resume, you write it for the reader. It is not a historical document of what you have experienced. Resumes often follow a formula, but the only rule of resume writing is that the Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling (GPS) must be perfect. Beyond this, here are common guidelines:

  • Avoid  Word, Google Docs, Canva and Pages templates 
  • Do not use columns or tables
  • 10-12 point font
  • Consistent use of bold/italics
  • 1 Page - business applications
    2 Page - schools, non-profits, government, and grad school applications 
  • Focus on skills, not tasks 

The UNI Career Services recommended format is:

Organization Name, City, ST
Position Title                                                                                                           Dates
- Action verb with skills-based description
- Most experiences will have 2-6 bullets
- Focus on how this experience prepared you for what you are applying to

Samples & More (download download  |   Preview preview)

  • download   Preview   Standard / General Sample ​
  • download   Preview   Business  
  • download   Preview   Experienced Candidate (often 2 pages)
  • download   Preview    Federal Government   
  • download   Preview    Healthcare   
  • download   Preview    IT 
  • download   Preview    Non-Profit/Social Work
  • download   Preview    Student Athlete 
  • download   Preview    Student Teaching Resume 
  • download   Preview    Teaching Resume


Get your resume reviewed by emailing it to or by scheduling an appointment.

Become a STAR at interviewing! From the first question (tell me about yourself) to preparing for questions you ask and avoiding mistakes, UNI Career Services is ready to help you succeed!  

We offer live (by Zoom during COVID) mock interviews daily. You can schedule your mock interview online or by calling (319) 273-6857. In addition, UNI Career Services has partnered with StandOut to provide video mock interviews anytime! Stand
out offers traditional interviews, graduate program preparation, and even campus-based Business 2000 mock interviews. 


A cover letter is your chance to tell YOUR story! It is a written interview. Take advantage of the fact you can write yourself to a job. When writing a cover letter, focus on your experiences and relate those experiences into the position you want! 

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