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Traveling to Campus
Cedar Falls is an easy drive from every location. While recruiting on the UNI campus, take advantage of the local food options
Campus Parking | Campus Catering 

Did You Know?
With 12,000 students, UNI offers the same range of majors as schools 3x larger, yet UNI prides itself on being personal and welcoming. 
- 1100+ Avg weekly student Job Board users

- 1000+ Avg. jobs available at any time

- 3/4  UNI students graduate with experience

- 1/4  UNI students are active in leadership

- 4/5  UNI graduates stay in Iowa after UNI

- 99% of all UNI classes are taught by faculty
With over 4,000 organizations and thousands of opportunities posted to UNI students annually, the best way to share your information is by getting in-front of students. At UNI, we offer several recruiting fairs.  In addition, we welcome you to call Sarah Goblirsch at 319-273-2084 to learn about how we can help your organization reach targeted populations.