Welcome to UNI, we are happy you are here! 

UNI Career Services serves all campus! We are thrilled to partner with employers who are eager to connect with our talented and driven students. Our goal is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, providing you with access to a diverse pool of candidates who are ready to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your organization. Explore our range of recruitment services, from Handshake job postings and career fairs to on-campus interviews and networking events, all designed to help you find the perfect fit for your team. Join us in shaping the future of your workforce by tapping into the potential of our exceptional students. 

If you are new to UNI or recruiting, we want to work with you! Schedule a quick Zoom call with our team by connecting with Laura.Wilson@uni.edu

Getting Started 

Setting up a Handshake account is quick, easy, and free. Handshake has many help articles to assist you through the process. If you are brand new to Handshake and do not have a cooperate or employer account yet, we recommend starting with this Handshake help article.

Post a Job

Once you have created your employer and corporate account, you can connect with UNI and other Handshake schools by creating a job posting and sending it to the schools you want to recruit from. Your request may be automatically or manually processed so it may take a few business days. For step-by-step instructions or a refresher on how to post a job, please visit this Handshake help article

Why was my account suspended? 

If you find that your account has been suspended, please reach out to Handshake via help ticket. UNI Career Services does not suspend accounts or reverse a suspension. 

Troubleshooting Help

We are always available to help! If you are struggling with Handshake please send screenshots of your experience and an explanation to Natalie Knowlton at natalie.knowlton@uni.edu