Stats & Data

Stats & Data

UNI Grads go further than imagined.

At the University of Northern Iowa, we are proud that our graduates contribute to Iowa. From the classroom to business innovation, our graduates are leading the in shaping Iowa's communities.

  • UNI graduates are hired by over 1,000 UNIque employers annually
  • Iowa's largest 25 employers have strong recruiting partnership with the UNI campus (largest 25 derived from U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics)
  • Historically, 75% of graduates remain in Iowa after leaving UNI
  • Each year, over 200 community school districts hire UNI educators
UNI student walking across the stage at commencement UNI student walking across the stage at commencement

First Destination Success

UNI grads report starting a new job, continuing education or meeting their professional expectations within six months of graduation.


Graduate Career Ready

UNI graduates graduate with experience in their field from UNI's robust internship program, field experiences and pre-professional part-time jobs.


Great Offers Great Income

UNI seniors, on average, accept their first job three months prior to graduation with a mean salary of $45k.

UNI monitors the first destination of UNI graduates through an annual report published in January. UNI follows the National Association of Colleges and Employers Standards and Protocols, meaning that data is collected one month prior to graduation until six months post graduation. While the national average of locating student data (called Knowledge Rate) is 60%, UNI has set an internal expectation of 75% or greater. Information is collected through survey of students/alumni, the National Clearinghouse, employer reports and social media communication. 

It is the philosophy of Career Services to be completely transparent, showing the data as it is collected. Soon, a full searchable database will be available. Traditionally, a magazine style report was used (2007-2016) but Career Services transitioned to spreadsheets to allow for searchable data that allows the user to run personalized reports. You may access this data for informational purposes. If you locate an error or have a question, please contact You may not republish these reports nor publish the data from these reports without a written request to Career Services. 

Annual Reports

Requested reports can still be run and data provided to requestor. 

Archived Reports 
No new data requests will be entertained for archived reports. PDF reports are available for reference. ​ 
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* 2007-2010 reports were collected for only 90 days post-graduation.

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