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2018 Award

We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting nominations for the 2018 Student Employee of the Year. The award is given to students who are reliable, demonstrate exceptional work quality, take initiative, are professional, and have contributed to UNI.  Nominations are due by February 16, 2018 by 5 pm.  All nominated students will be recognized at an award ceremony in April. 

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2017 Nominations & Award Recipients

The UNI Student Employee of the Year: Casey Hoekstra, Academic Learning Center
[Bold = Finalist for Award]

Lindsey Anderson, Student Life 
Lydia Anderson, Information Technology
Anna Backstrom, Center for Teaching Math 
Olivia Ballhagen, Office of Admissions
Lauren Bever, Professional Readiness Program
Keely Brandstad, Office of Admissions
Rachel Bruns, Recycling & Reuse Tech Ctr.
Jordan Brunsma, GBPAC
Jozelyna Calderon, Student Health Clinic
Zach Chaplin, GBPAC
Eugene Cheok, GBPAC
Nick Fisher, Communications
Kenzie Flaherty, Instructional Support Services
Nathan Friederich, Office of the Registrar 
Bailey Higgins, Residence and IT
Casey Hoekstra, Academic Learning Ctr. 
Cecelia Hotzler, CHAS/GBPAC 
Anna Hunt, Career Services
Meghan Jansen, CBA-PRP
Rylan Johnson, Office of Financial Aid
Karen Kiesel, Office of Busines Operations
Jon Klein, Division of LYHS
Samantha Klein, IT-Client Services
Elena Mary Kraus-Taddeo, ETS & Media Srvs.
Katelyn Kuch, Human Resource Services
MJ Lashbrook, Biology
Zachariah Lillquist, Office of the Registrar
Brayden Longnecker, Student Abroad Center
Molly McCarty, Student Disability Services
Vanessa Nolan, Business Operations
Allan Nyhus, Professional Readiness Program
Diksha Ojha, International Students
Sarah Pate, IT-Client Services
Abbigayl Provost, Human Resource Services
Sarah Rudy, Orientation/New Student Programs
Jaimie Thier, Office of Financial Aid
Hayley Till, Culture & Intensive English Program
Tommy Truelsen, School of Music
Sushil Tuladhar, Earth & Environmental Sci.
Kadesha Zimmerman, VP for Student Affairs 

2016 Nominations & Award Recipients

The UNI Student Employee of the Year: Kayla Peterson, Wellness & Recreation Services 
[Bold = Finalist for Award]

Alyssa Adamec, School fo Music
Anna Backstrom, Teaching & Learning Math
Madison Beeler, Earth Science
Josiah Bottelman, Iowa Waste Reduction Center
Katie Bruening, Compliance & Equity Mgmt
Courtney Clark, College of Business
Andrew Crawford, UNI Athletics
Lisa Daringer, Student Health Clinic
Myle Duong, Rod Library 
Chris Dummer, ITS- User Services
Megan Frerk, Admissions
Hanna Kerr, Graduate College
Tony Ketelaar, Admissions
Kylie Knecht, Admissions
Priyasha Mahara, Ctr for Multicultural Ed
Cody McLees, University Advancement
Madalynn Meier, Languages & Literatures
Faith Neuwohner, Student Health Clinic
Hannah Peterson, Deans Office, COE
SEOTY - Kayla Peterson, Wellness Services
Bernard Pollmeier, Dept. of Residence
MaJo Rosada Cupul, Int'l Student Services
Jonathan Schlicht, ITS- User Services
Sydney Speide, ITS- User Services
Kelli Theilen, Student Disability Services
Kaylee Tritle, Teaching & Learning Math
Lauren Welser, Academic Learning Center

2015 Nominations & Award Recipients

The UNI Student Employee of the Year: Austin Hansen, UNI Athletics
[Bold = Finalist for Award]

Elizabeth Adcox, Academic Advising
Joslyn Aldape, Admissions
Nathaniel Beyerink, International Programs
Katie Blake, COE Advising
Avary Bradford, Dean of Students
Jordan Brelje, Admissions
Kristin Buldhaupt, Int'l Student & Scholars
Claire Conrad, Admissions
Ashley Cottier, ITS- User Services
Jessica Dearden, Rialto 
Kelsey Ewald, VP for Admin & Finance
Breanna Flater, Academic Learning Ctr
Meredith Gregg, WRS- Aquatics
Janessa Hageman, McNair Scholars Program
SEOTY - Austin Hansen, UNI Athletics
Miranda Hansen, HR Services
Diann Herington, Admissions
Shelby Huster, Int'l Students & Scholars
Ryan Kramer, UNI Athletics
Rachel Kuhn, UNI-CUE
Blake Larson, ITS- Computer Consulting
Janelle Martin, Study Abroad
Cody McLees, UNI Foundation
Amanda Mcnamara, UNI Athletics
Natalie Miller, Student Health Clinic
Emma Owenson, Curriculum & Instruction
Lillian Poe, Maucker Union
Hailey Rhum, Maucker Union
Frank Romanazzi, HPELS
Jonathan Schlicht, ITS- User Services
Colleen Sullivan, Business Operations
Robin Summers, Women's & Gender Studies
Michelle Temeyer, Marketing
Drake Tesdall, Financial Aid
Jesse Todd, Academic Learning Center
Kaylee Tritle, Teaching & Learning Math
Haleigh Weatherly, CIEP
Jacob Weiss, Iowa Waste Reduction

2014 Nominations & Award Recipients

The UNI Student Employee of the Year: Meghan Opolka, College of Humanities, Arts, & Sciences 
[Bold = Finalist for Award]

Paul Andersen, Financial Aid
Brooke Argotsinger, Ctr for Math
Samm Bass, Dept. of Residence
Kimber Bell, Camp Adventure
Lynette Bordignon, Career Services
Hailee Bossard, Athletics
Edward Broderick, Institutional Research
Kristen Buldhaupt, Int'l Students
Eric Carlson, Financial Aid
Sarah Crim, Financial Aid
Alex Deisbeck, Athletics Advising

Osvaldo DeLosRios, Dept. of Residence
Luke Gordon, WRS
Kayla Gump, Economics
Austin Hansen, UNI Athletics
Annie Jones, Human Sciences
Wes Jones, Dept. of Residence
Alison LaRoza, Camp Adventure
Kari Lien, Human Resource Services
Alexander McDaniel, Physics
Bridget Nulty, Int'l Students
SEOTY - Meghan Opolka, CHAS
Ethan Pelton, Environmental Health
Olivia Randolph, CIEP
Matt Reitz, Career Services
Sara Rockow, Admissions
Steven Sanchez, University Relations
Kayla Shipman, Prexy's/Chats
Jaime Sterling, Financial Aid
Nicole Stone, Childhood Development
Ramya Varadaraju, Dept. of Residence
Anna Werner, Ctr for Multicultural Education
Megan Wheeler, Registrar